Ashley Alban Nurse Laughs at Your Dick Video

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Description: Ashley Alban Nurse Laughs at Your Dick Video. You are waiting at the doctor’s office to be checked out because of some pain in your lower abdomen. Finally a nurse comes into the room and apologizes for the delay. She says she will perform a preliminary assessment before the doctor comes in and asks you to lift up your robe so she can take a look at your abdomen. When you lift up your robe she glances down at your dick and makes a face. She asks if that’s really your penis and then immediately apologizes. You ask her what the problem is and she says she just has not seen such a small penis before. You ask her if she really thinks you have a small dick. She says yes. Out of all the penises she has seen, you definitely have the smallest one. You say it gets bigger when it’s hard, but she laughs. It can’t possibly get that much bigger. She tells you to go ahead and stroke it to show her. She laughs at how tiny and pathetic your dick is. She teases you with some cleavage to get you hard, but just laughs even more when she sees that you’re still small even with a boner.
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